forever and a day

Its been several months since my last entry.  Plenty of opportunities to write, but it just didn’t happen.

I’m sitting in my parent’s living room alone.  They left for Colorado today and my brother left for Tennessee as well.  Tomorrow I’ll head back to Louisville.  We had our family Thanksgiving on Tuesday due to Grandma’s funeral on Monday of this week.  I’ll probably write a little more about Grandma later but suffice to say, it was tough to say goodbye.

So on the eve of Thanksgiving, I’m not overwhelmed with any particular feeling or emotion.  But maybe I should be.  I’m thankful for the great blessings in my life but like any American, am fighting the tendency to focus more on what I’d like to have instead of what I already have.  So at the moment, I’ll take some solace in the truth that even in an empty house on the night before a major holiday that I’ll be spending alone in an airport, I know that I am loved and that for moment, will have to do.

I could think of worse ways to spend a holiday.


About jonathanwren
My name is Jon. I like history, K-State, trying to be a good runner, and am a below-average skier.

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