The Summer of 2010

The sun has gone down and Labor Day is almost over which means, for all intensive purposes, so is summer.  Summer 2010 wasn’t like any other summer I’ve had before, in part because of what I did and where I did it, and also in part because of who I did it with. I went to places I’d never been before and to places I’ve been going to my whole life.  I made some new friends and came to appreciate some old ones in new ways too.  All in all it was a good summer and I’d like to share some of the highlights.

Silas & Matt hanging out

In early June on my way to Oklahoma I spent the weekend in Kansas City.  My good friends Matt & Sarah Barnes live in Basehor and I stayed with them.  Matt has a 2 year son named Silas and he and I became quick friends.  Matt is one of my best friends and so I was glad to finally meet him.

They tell you that the friends you make in College are the best friends you ever make and from my experience that’s been true.  Matt & Sarah are great and it was really good to see them, as well as Darci & Travis Webster and T-Bone.  Matt drives a mini-van which I thoroughly enjoyed making fun of him for (I would end up driving a mini-van later on in the summer but I didn’t know that yet).  Silas and I watched this show called the “Fresh Beats Band.”  He loved it and I kept trying to figure out the plot.  Matt told me it didn’t matter.

The "Straaanger Daaanger" girls & me

Right after Kansas City I went to Tulsa, OK where I spent the week at Sunset Bible Camp.  I’d never been to Tulsa, let alone be in OK more than 6 hours so this was new for me.  It was a blast.  I had a great time speaking to the Junior High Camp where my old friend Kyle Rodell was the Dean.  I loved getting to meet some of the other guys at the camp, especially Bryan Champ, Lane Moss, Jimmy, & the infamous ROXIE.  I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I have before when I played the disc can game at 2 am.  Marcy Rodell, I’m sorry I was so bad at it.  Ok, I’m not sorry at all.

There was also a group of girls from a church whose name I can’t remember but who kept calling me the “Straaanger Daaanger” because I didn’t have a camp wristband.  (I showed up late)  They were a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed convincing them, and every other student at the camp that there was a dance on the last night.  Oh how I love misleading Junior High kids…

The DAISY Fan Club.

Its hard to quite put into words what High School Camp was like.  I tried taking sleeping pills on the bus and ended up not sleeping.  I met a lady named Daisy who drove the Bus we took to Orange Beach, AL and let me assure you, there is nobody in the world like her.  If it hadn’t been for Erin Hinson & Kristen Thurman, I think I would’ve tried to strangle her but she probably would have killed me when I tried because she had 3″ acryllic nails and more porcelain figurines on her dashboard than I’d ever seen.  This lady was weird.

I also met Charlie Hall, Stuart Hall, figure out a way to extend camp a day, lost my cell phone charger, saw the Oil Spill first hand, and successfully convinced the whole HS group to start calling Tom Black, “Black Lavender.”

Megan, Kendra, Kevin, & Preethi

In early July I was incredibly honored to do the Wedding Ceremony for my friends from High School, Kevin & Tiffany (Hart) Seaman.  Kevin and I had gone to school together since 3rd grade and I was a blast to see him, his family, and some other friends from Northwest like Megan (Pechin) Drake, Jason Cheng, Jason Crowther (who just had his 2nd baby), Preethi (Chandrasakharen) Schmeedler, Joe Knipp, & Nick Dean.  Kevin & Tiffany got married in Cowtown which sounds weird to anyone who isn’t from Wichita so let me assure you, it was nice.

They also got married on my birthday, which was fun to celebrate with my family for the first time since the 90s.

The BEST Junior High game ever

For the 3rd year in a row we took the Junior High group to Country Lake for camp and had a great time.  It is always a blast to be with the sponsors, the students, the band, and the rec guys.  The last day of Rec we played a game with a 12′ oily beach ball and the game was essentially tackle soccer with water balloons.  This was the best game I’ve ever played.  Phillip Pennington is the man, he thought it up and it was awesome.

We called the camp Zombieland and even though the name was weird, the students loved it.  And for the 3rd year in a row, the only injury was a sponsor, not a student. Chase Lackey kept the streak alive.

My Family in Colorado

The last week of July I met my family the cabin in Colorado and we spent a week together.  We fished, hiked, white water rafted, slept-in, and had a great time being together.  Colorado in the summer is just amazing.  I had forgotten that and it was nice to be in the Mountains and away from cell coverage.

One night Joel and I sat out on the porch and watched the stars.  It reminded me of the nights we stayed up and watched the stars over Jerusalem a few years ago and the nights we’d set up lawn chairs in the back yard outside Mom & Dad’s pond.  It got sentimental for a moment and Joel made fun of me.  I deserved it.

Rockies vs. Cubs

Oh, and the last night in Colorado we went to the Rockies game and witnessed Baseball History.  The Rockies scored more runs in one inning than ever before and won 17-2.  I don’t ever really like Baseball and it didn’t really change my mind but it does give me something to talk about to people who do.

Most of us with Ben

Last but not least, Ben Sullivan got married.  This is a picture of everyone who had served in the ministry (Van Zants left early) with Ben.  It was nice to see how happy Ben and Izabella were.  The wedding was a great celebration for both of their families and I’ve never been with so many Hungarians in my life.  (you had to be there)

My personal highlight was Izabella’s dad’s 28 minute toast.  A close second was convincing Lindsey Sturdy that I had bent a spoon.  Some things never change.

Its a long post but it was also a long summer.  Last spring I remember not really looking forward to summer but now looking back, I’d do it all over again.


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