7 interesting people and things for 2011

Here are 7 people or things that I’m looking forward to in the upcoming year.

#1. My friend Chris Thurman’s new business venture: Visual Swirl.  Chris is a web, video, and graphics creator who does great work.

#2. The XXX Church’s Organizational guy, Ryan Russell, has a site called RedbikeLeader.  Ryan has a passion for helping develop young leaders and his site is aimed at doing just that.  (*disclaimer: I sometimes write for Redbike)

#3. There will finally be a new Muppets Movie in 2011.

#4. Robby Wheeler and his family will move to Guatemala this year to work with an Orphanage.  This has been on he and his wife’s heart for many years and in a month or two they’ll relocate and begin work.  You can follow them here.

#5. My friend Matt McFarren has a blog and he writes about how he balances his faith, his job, and his family.

#6. This year, I and Mike Idle will engage in a lifestyle competition.  I fully expect to win.  Stay tuned for details.

#7. My brother’s band, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes, are recording a new album in January and you can help them by visiting their site here.


About jonathanwren
My name is Jon. I like history, K-State, trying to be a good runner, and am a below-average skier.

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